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Here at Arena Stone we provide high quality Granite and Marble from around the World. We specialise in Quartz and Granite Worktops including Granite and Marble bathrooms, vanity tops, claddings, fireplaces, firehearths and much more.


Our aim is to make the look as natural as possible without compromising on quality. This products are the ultimate in durability, stylish luxury and ergonomics. It exists everywhere in the world, yet nowhere is it the same. Even from the same quarry, no two pieces are identical. To see our high quality services, Click Here.

Man-made product can match the natural beauty of real stone - the colors are extremely vivid and the look is very rich. For example: Arenastone is an Italian brand, man-made products from quartz and a binding resin, impacted under great pressure to produce an incredibly strong material, that low maintenance, non-porous and therefore intrinsically hygienic.


The main reason to use Engineered Stone is the large selection of color choices. This material gives your worktop consistency of color while maintaining the hardness of granite.

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