Granite And Marble Bathroom Specialists

Here at Arena Stone Ltd, we are the UK’s leading granite and marble bathroom specialists. We will help you get your perfect bathroom fitted with the highest quality Italian Arena Stone in the world.

Our marble and granite bathrooms are made with hygiene, quality and strength in mind, and are made to be put through the immense pressure that worktops face – and that is why we provide worktops and surfaces that are non-porous and solid. We can help you take your bathroom to the next level with our expertise and quality materials.

We only use the best granite and marble that we source from around the globe, so you are certain of the standard you are provided with. Our simple contact form allows you to enquire about our range of services, and query our experts about the space you want to transform with Arena Stone Ltd.

We can also produce high quality kitchen worktops, fireplaces and claddings for your home. Don’t believe us? Check out our gallery page where you can find a variety of our work and see how we have turned other spaces into a natural-looking environment.

Get in touch today by filling out our contact us form or ring us on 07717 573 677.

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